Walk and Ride Festival

September 13th - 28th 2008

A 16 day festival in this wonderful area of wild, high moors & narrow valleys straddling the Yorkshire / Lancashire border. Access the events using the superb network of  bus & rail services in the area. Sponsored by METRO.
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Saturday  AUGUST  23rd   2008
- A Summer Afternoon Stroll !
An invitation from the Kirklees Countryside Volunteers to join them on a pleasant summer afternoon stroll along public footpaths and lanes from Denby Dale to Penistone.
Start: 1.45pm DENBY DALE station.
Finish: Penistone
Distance: 6 miles.        
Leader: Tony Pogson
Trains: Lincoln (bus) 09.51, Sheffield 12.36, Meadowhall 12.42, Barnsley 13.01, Huddersfield 13.13  

Saturday  SEPTEMBER  6th  2008
-  New Life For A Branch Line !
The old Meltham branch line is going to become a Greenway and work is underway so let’s go and have a look! We walk out to Meltham seeing as much of the old route as possible.
From Meltham, catch the bus to Huddersfield or continue on foot to Honley for return trains.
Start: 9.45am at LOCKWOOD station.
Finish: Meltham (bus) or Honley
Distance: 5 or 9 miles.   
Leader: Liz Colquhoun
Trains: Lincoln  07.04, Sheffield 08.36, Meadowhall 08.42, Barnsley 09.01,
Huddersfield 09.13


National Heritage Open day
Saturday September 13th

Friends of Hebden Bridge Station, and the Calder Civic Trust are having a Heritage Open Day in Hebden Bridge.

In the waiting room on the Hebden Bridge platform of the listed station, there will be an exhibition of photographs and artefacts and memories of an ex-station master.

In the listed Hope Chapel, on the A 646 main road in Hebden Bridge, there will be a 30 foot by 8 foot model of Hebden Bridge Station and surrounding area, as it was in the 1950s and 60s, run by six volunteers. Hope Chapel is about a 6 minute walk from the station . Also at Hope Chapel will be another exhibition, of a wedding dress, petticoat and shoes that are 150 years old, and were worn by a local person who helped organise the building of the chapel.

Opposite the chapel is the listed Picture House which will be open free from 10 am to 1 pm where one can view some films and the story of cinema in Hebden Bridge. People can also find out about a potential film project about the Coiners that they can be involved in.

It is planned that there will be history boards displayed around town in the houses and shops such as the old Ebenezer Chapel (now Heart Gallery). The Fox and Goose will have their history exhibition and book on sale in the pub. The Council Building with its impressive chamber and 19th century paintings of the area will also be open.

The Innovation Cafe (which is also listed) will be encouraging visitors to see their water wheel and it's history: The former manorial corn mill (1314), was later extended and converted to textile production. It was closed and derelict from 1956. The building was restored and converted to retail and catering business from 1976, with the waterwheel, and goyts restored and in working order from 2000.

Let the train take the strain, and visit Hebden Bridge by train!

Todmorden Gale

14th September, 12 - 4pm
Todmorden Station Gala
Todmorden by the sea, Punch and Judy, balloons, pony rides, old style amusements, ferret racing, fun food and a friendly welcome. More info

Saturday  SEPTEMBER  20th  2008  
 - Meander In The Meadows !
As part of the South Pennines Walk & Ride Festival we feature a delightful walk through mixed countryside, passing through a  wildflower meadow and close to several reservoirs.
Start: 9.40am at SHEPLEY station.
Finish: Penistone.
Distance: 10 miles.       
Leader: Pete Watson
Trains: Lincoln  07.04, Sheffield 08.36, Meadowhall 08.42, Barnsley 09.01,
Huddersfield 09.13

Saturday  OCTOBER  4th 2008  
- Following The Pilgrim Fathers  !
A delightful easy circular walk in North Nottinghamshire. We follow part of the Cuckoo Way alongside the Chesterfield Canal, a delightful section of green lane and public footpaths to Babworth church famed for it’s links with the Pilgrim Fathers returning via the golf course at Ordsall. Fore!
Start: 10.30am at RETFORD station.
Finish: Retford
Distance:  9 miles.      
Leader: Stuart Parker
Trains: Huddersfield 08.10, Barnsley 08.58,
Meadowhall 09.33, Sheffield 09.44, Lincoln 09.27.

Saturday  OCTOBER  18th  2008  
-  Always In Sight  !
An interesting walk initially close by the Kirklees Light Railway then over Emley Moor, Flockton, Dimpledale, Briestfield, Thornhill Lees and along a watery route into Dewsbury.
Catch return trains there for Huddersfield & Leeds.
Start: 9.35 am at SHEPLEY station.  
Finish: Dewsbury.  
Distance:  11½ miles.         
Leader: Tony Pogson
Trains: Lincoln  07.04, Sheffield 08.36, Meadowhall 08.42, Barnsley 09.01,
Huddersfield 09.13  

Saturday  NOVEMBER  1st  2008
- Follow That Line  !
Another of our station-to-station walks calling all stations Lockwood, Berry Brow, Honley, Brockholes and Stocksmoor. Featuring a Grade 1 listed station, two viaducts and superb Holme Valley views along the way - opt out at any station.
Start: 10am at HUDDERSFIELD station.  
Finish: your choice!  
Distance: up to 10 miles.        
Leader: Liz Colquhoun
Trains: Lincoln  07.04, Sheffield 08.36, Meadowhall 08.42, Barnsley 09.01


Saturday  NOVEMBER  15th   2008       
 - A Trek To A Tunnel, A Tickle & A Tom  !
Welcome to a new leader taking us on a circular walk through a pretty woodland, open countryside, a holly covered trail, riverside walks, an ancient packhorse route and cold turkey!
Start: 9.15am  at SILKSTONE COMMON station.
Finish: Silkstone Common.
Distance: 10 miles.   
Leader: Geoff Ryder
Trains: Lincoln  07.04, Sheffield 08.36, Meadowhall 08.42, Barnsley 09.01,
Huddersfield 08.10               

Saturday  DECEMBER  6th  2008
 - Penistone Line Trail : Stage  4  !
Continuing our occasional series of walks following ‘our trail’ in stages. Setting out from Dodworth, we head off via Silkstone and Penistone through lovely countryside to Denby Dale.
Start: 10.15am at DODWORTH station.
Finish: Denby Dale
Distance:  10 miles.     
Leader: Stuart Parker
Trains: Lincoln  07.04,  Sheffield 09.36, Meadowhall 09.42, Barnsley 10.01,
Huddersfield 09.13               

Older events

April to July 2008

Community Rail Weekend

Saturday  DECEMBER   20th  2008
-  Three & A Half Reservoirs For Christmas  !
Our last walk of the year takes in part of the      Trans-Pennine trail, some Yorkshire Water permissive paths all in our usual festive spirit!  Christmas headgear is encouraged !
Start: 9.45am at PENISTONE station.
Finish: Denby Dale
Distance: 10 miles.    
Leader: Liz Colquhoun
Trains: Lincoln  07.04, Sheffield 08.36, Meadowhall 08.42, Barnsley 09.01,
Huddersfield 09.13   

for your free copy of the PLP AUTUMN walks leaflet please call STUART on 01522 - 534655