Students got crafty on the Penistone Line!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A group of textile craft students from Huddersfield University showcast their talents at stations along the Penistone Line on Tuesday 5 March.

A totally unique project, the ‘Stitch the Line’ initiative has been sponsored by Penistone Line Partnership and Northern Rail and saw stations from Stocksmoor to Barnsley decorated with a range of work produced by the students in conjunction with local craft groups.

Themes of the work differed at each of the stations, reflecting local history and the rural nature of the line. The project aims to raise awareness of local craft studios and galleries and to brighten up the stations along the way.

Stitch the Line

Thanks to Universal Crafts Guild and Foxy Quilters for images

Students travelled on the 10.13 Northern Rail service from Huddersfield to Barnsley where they toured the line, discussing the work on display and handing out copies of a free arts and crafts directory (funded by the East Peak Innovation Partnership Leader programme). 

Lynne Barker, one of the students taking part added: “There will be a fabulous array of work showcased on Tuesday, from wall hangings to hats, scarves and gloves, as well as bunting and patchwork blocks that will be made into quilts. The work will be cleaned after our event and sent to the charities the local craft groups support. It is extremely exciting to be involved in such a unique project and to be able to display our work to everyone travelling along the route.”

Drew Haley, Client and Stakeholder Manager for Northern Rail, comments: “The Stitch the Line project is an industry first and is a great example of communities working together to promote rail travel in a creative way.”

Rowena Chantler of Penistone Line Partnership, said: “This is an innovative way of enhancing the Stations, and demonstrates what a creative community we have along the Penistone Line”